InspirEd Educators is the publisher of truly unique, creative, and practical instructional materials. Founded in 2000 by author Sharon Coletti, our company mission is to provide student-centered and thought-provoking units that are easy-to-use and make learning fun! Our daily emphasis on LITERACY and SKILL DEVELOPMENT make our products PERFECT for use as supplements or in lieu of textbooks or other traditional approaches. For years we have offered comprehensive, multi-disciplinary social studies curricula (and still do!), but in 2008 another primary author, Kendra Corr, joined the company. Now Sharon and Kendra are branching out into other subjects with the launch of a second line of products, I Think: Thematic Units.

From ALL InspirEd materials, you can expect:

•A strong focus on critical and creative thinking
•Lesson-specific Springboards (warm-ups)
•A different hands-on / minds-on activity every day
•Reading and writing activities
•Frequent Internet research
•Differentiated Assessments

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